It’s been a while since I talked about our network programs available to many of our members.

The network that has great potential to increase revenue for your newspaper is the National Preprint Network.

So what is NPN? It’s a joint venture made up of major-market newspapers linked by contracts with CNPA. This enables newspapers to offer clients that are not current advertisers a larger preprint distribution footprint in multiple markets.

NPN originally required a paper to have a circulation of 75,000 or more, and over the last few years it accomplished this with over 136 newspapers in the network.

To increase the footprint and continue to grow NPN, its steering committee decided to reduce that requirement to be papers 25,000 and up that publish a weekday and have Sunday publication.

So I’m sure you’re asking, “What’s in it for me?” Well, let me tell you.

Increased incremental business: Leverage the combined strength of your sales forces to win business from accounts that previously were either not in your programs, or were brokered into other channels of distribution.

Opportunity: Every member has an equal opportunity to benefit from NPN both as a distributor and as a seller.

Ease of participation: Getting started is uncomplicated and inexpensive, with all the program elements already in place— total start-up investment for each member is $2,000 paid once an order is placed, and payment arrangements are available.

Control our own destiny: Clients have been asking for this option for a long time.

There is no downside risk for newspapers that join NPN. The program is 100 percent opt-in/opt-out; all proposed business is incremental; and every member has the opportunity to be both a seller and a distributor of preprints.

Last year NPN placed $5 million into newspapers with accounts like Elephant Bar, Floor and Décor, Jitterbug, Mattress Giant, Rockwood Fired Pizza, and Quiznos.

If you weren’t part of NPN, you were probably left off the buy and missed getting a new client and the additional incremental revenue associated with the buy.

The only caution I would have is that when clients place into the network at the network transfer rates, some papers have turned the business down, which causes the client to place the business through another channel.

It’s possible you would lose the additional incremental revenue going forward.

So I have given you all the important reasons you should join and how lucrative this can be for your newspapers. The network is designed to take business away from direct mailers and put those FSI pieces into newspapers.

More clients and incremental new sales with no risk: How can you beat that value proposition?

Wolf Rosenberg is vice president of advertising for CNPA Services, Inc., CNPA’s for-profit corporation. You can contact him at (916) 288-6036.