The measure that would remove the only tool the public and other stakeholders in the real property system have to combat those who engage in fraud and corruption has been scheduled to be heard by the Senate Governance and Finance Committee on June 13.

Opposed by CNPA, AB 2299 by Assemblyman Mike Feuer(D-Los Angeles), would allow law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, public defenders and correctional officers to keep their names a secret.

AB 2299 has also been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee pending the outcome of the Governance and Finance Committee hearing.

The bill passed without a single dissenting vote in the Assembly - 68-0.

If you have not yet published an editorial on AB 2299 and are considering doing so, the coming weeks will be crucial as the two committees consider the bill's fate.

Here is a link to the opposition letter submitted by CNPA.

Please contact Jim Ewert at or 916-288-6013 for more information.