American consumers aren't exclusive in their news consumption, a September 2011 Pew Research Center report says.

"No single media outlet, or platform, will be the be-all, end-all for consumers," the Los Angeles Times' James Rainey writes by way of synopsis. "Some 64% of Americans rely on at least three sources per week for local news, while 15% rely on six sources, or more. Fully 45% could not designate a favorite local news source."

How do newspapers rate? Good, and then not: "When it comes to meat and potatoes local news like government actions, taxes and zoning, most people tend to count on newspapers," Rainey writes. "But newspaper readers apparently don’t mind hurting the one they love: Despite acknowledging they turn to newspapers on a variety of topics, 69% of Americans said their ability to impact news would not suffer a major blow if their local paper went out of business."