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CNPA Advertising Services



We are a nationwide/statewide research, planning, negotiation, placement, accounting and cash processing company for Newspaper, Digital Online, Audience Driven Digital and Email Marketing. Our services allow you to tap into another staff to assist you with the entire process helping to create efficiencies saving you time and money with our One Order…One Bill programs.

CNPA Advertising Services can accommodate any type of advertising program you might want to explore large or small. With our digital partnerships we can reach across news, yahoo, magazine, entertainment and music sites, the reach is virtually unlimited by audience. We can place digital display, rich media, Mobile, Tablet, Pre-roll Video and Interactive Video.  Plus, we just launched two new programs: Email Marketing that can be highly targeted by area or demographic and Print, Deliver and Direct Mail Service that can help you with your printing and mailing needs.

CNPA Advertising Services programs are available to you at minimal fee and give you the ease of doing everything with one phone call! From market analysis, planning, research, rate negotiation and to billing discrepancies and cash processing the CNPA team can provide end-to-end service to too your organization.

For a quote or more info, please call or email Patrice Bayard-Miller at 916-288-6029;

CNPA is Connecting Newspapers and Advertisers Nationwide