Bill threatening public notices to be introduced next week

Public notices required to be published under the Revenue and Taxation Code in a newspaper of general circulation are under siege.

Senator John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) has confirmed in a meeting with CNPA staff that he plans to introduce legislation next week that would authorize tax collectors, upon passage of a resolution by the county board of supervisors, to post on the tax collector’s website any notice currently required to be published in a newspaper of general circulation under the Revenue and Taxation Code.

The bill would require the publication of an abbreviated public notice in a newspaper of general circulation that includes:

  1. Any required preamble information for the notice;
  2. A statement that the full notice is available at the tax collector’s website;
  3. The general web address for the tax collector’s website and the specific web address at which the notice may be viewed; and
  4. Information as to the location of public access computer terminals that may be used to view the notice.

The bill would also allow the requirement for proof of publication of a notice posted on a website to be satisfied by a printout of the full notice from the tax collector’s website with an electronic time stamp during each week the publication is required.

The proposal is sponsored by the California Association of County Tax Collectors and Treasurers and is similar to a narrower bill that CNPA was successful in defeating in 2012. The demise of that bill, AB 1957 also sponsored by CACTT, was largely due to the overwhelming number of CNPA members who wrote letters and contacted their legislators urging them to vote no on the legislation.

Killing the Moorlach proposal will depend on a similar effort by CNPA members.

Stay tuned to the Legislative Bulletin in the coming weeks for information about the bill number, the Senate Governance and Finance Committee members to contact and talking points to use when communicating with your legislator and the committee members.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Ewert at 916-288-6013 or